Things you should know before buying a spa

Where do you begin when shopping for a new hot tub? Let us lead the way! After all, we don't only deal with one brand of spa. We deal with all brands of spas, and because of our expertise in service, you can rest assured that you're getting a great product when you purchase from JR Spas.

  • Your Local Dealer

You want to buy a spa from someone who has been in the industry, and will continue to be. Your local dealer is your best source for help, providing advice through knowledgeable staff, as well as chemicals, and accessories for your spa. We've heard too many times about a customer who bought a hot tub, and the dealer soon went out of business, leaving them nowhere to turn for proprietary parts and service. We're here to stay and maintain our reputation as the premiere spa service center in North Texas.

  • Reputable Manufacturer

When you purchase a new spa, you want to be sure that you're getting a great product that will continue to last. Hot tubs can be costly, so it's wise not to invest your money in a spa that's based on cheap gimmicks. Vita Spa features a steel frame with a lifetime warranty and a patented insulation system with a lifetime warranty. You won't find that in a foam-filled spa! After servicing Vita Spa brand hot tubs for 13 years and dealing with the manufacturer ourselves, we can assure product quality and satisfactory customer service.

  • Warranty and Service

Believe it or not, warranty and service is a big part of what you want to look at when searching for a new hot tub. We deal with many spa manufacturers on a daily basis, so customer service means a lot to us, and it will to you, too. Some of the products out there may seem like a good deal, until you encounter a problem with your spa. Part of choosing the right hot tub, is ensuring a smooth and friendly experience with maintenance, should it be needed. You'll also want to ask about the warranty terms. What is going to be covered, and for how long? Don't get caught up battling your dealer, or the manufacturer of your spa for prompt attention to your matter.

Get the spa that suits you, and the excellent customer service that follows with JR Spas.

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